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Our Instructors

Al Pahnke
As the owner of Green Bay Scuba LLC Al divides his time between scuba instruction and managing the store. Al has been diving for 42 years and teaching for 27. He is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI Public Safety Instructor. Favorite dives are the drift dives in Cozumel and the shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.
Barb Pahnke
Barb has been an avid diver for over 30 years. Her favorite diving is in the warm Carribean waters among the many coral formations and fish life. She would love the opportunity to share her diving experiences with other.
Bob Hazelwood MSDT
Instructor 168920
I learned to Scuba in Hawaii in 1978 and have been teaching since 2001. I enjoy teaching with it’s challenges and rewards. Watching student’s progress from taking their first breath underwater to learning an advanced techique is enjoyable. I also coordinate the Wednesday Night Dives and look forward to seeing you there.
Jac Jepsen
I learned to Scuba Dive at Green Bay Scuba over 20 years ago, went on to become an Instructor, then Master Scuba Diver Trainer, D.A.N. Instructor, Tech Diver and ERDI Public Safety Diver. My passion is diving on Great Lakes Shipwrecks!
Mark Schroeder
Master Instructor 168195
TV series Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges provided the initial interest in scuba diving for Mark. It wasn’t until late summer of 1997 that a friend encouraged Mark to become open water certified. Mark became an Instructor in the spring of 2000. He now holds his Master Diver certification providing Green Bay Scuba LLC the ability to offer all Divemasters the opportunity to become Assistant Instructors. Being an avid fisherman Mark enjoys diving in the Minocqua/Eagle River area looking for his next catch.
Will Peters MSDT
I signed up for a diving class on a vacation in the Bahamas. I ended up falling in love with diving and completed my open water certification on that trip. I worked through the certification path and got more involved with Green Bay Scuba. I decided to become an instructor to share my love for diving with others. Diving has given me an opportunity to learn new things, have new experiences and meet new people. I am excited to share my diving knowledge with others and give them the opportunity to explore a whole new world underwater.