Service Center

Before you dive, come in for an equipment inspection and evaluation.

Let us help educate you!

Proper maintenance of your equipment ensures your safety and allows you to relax and enjoy the scuba experience. Plan ahead! Due to high volumes, we suggest you bring your equipment in for service for a month or more prior to your travel dates. Plus, after service is performed, you can try out your equipment in our pool for free! Here’s what we strongly recommend (also, refer to the owners manual(s) for your equipment):  Some gear requires you have it maintained annually to ensure the warranty.

Available Services for your dive gear:

  • Regulator Testing
  • Octopus Testing
  • Alternate Air Source Testing
  • BCD Testing
  • Nitrox Service
  • Computer/Depth Testing
  • Computer Battery Replacement
  • Scuba Cylinders
    • Hydrostatic testing – every 5 years
    • Visual inspection – every year
    • We no longer perform the EDDY testing
    • O2 cleaning
    • Tumbling

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Air fills:

  • Air fills for scuba tanks
  • Air fills for paintball tanks

Hydro-static Testing

  • Green Bay Scuba LLC can hydro-test scuba & paintball tanks and SCBA cylinders.
  • Scuba diving tanks must be hydrostatically tested every 5 years.
  • Most aluminum tanks that were manufactured before 1988+/- must also be EDDY tested. We no longer perform the EDDY test.
  • Aluminum and most fiber paintball tanks must be hydrostatically tested every 5 years.

Hydrostatic testing: $37.50
VIP: $12.50



  • Sherwood
  • Genesis
  • Aqua Lung
  • OTS Guardian Full Face Masks

Air Fills

Get your Scuba and Paintball tanks filled here.  We voluntarily test our air every 3 months
(not all dive shops do this).
Scuba tanks filled to 3500PSI
Paintball tanks filled to 4500PSI

Rental Equipment

We have a full line of rental equipment for local and vacation diving.